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Frequently Asked Questions - Adobe Cropping

Instructions for cropping TIFF file to match a selected area within an Illustrator file.

For this exercise it is necessary to keep the ORIGINAL Mountain High Maps Illustrator file box rule layer and box rule line unaltered.

Although other Illustrator layers may need to be on and visible, ensure that the BOX RULE layer is the 'working layer'

Use box tool to create a new box delineating a chosen area on box rule layer (box layer is normally at top of layers, therefore any box created is on this layer).

Deselect all other layers so that ONLY Box Rule layer is visible.

WITHOUT CLOSING ILLUSTRATOR open the corresponding PhotoShop file. (You will now have both Illustrator and Photoshop applications open).

Using pointer tool, select both boxes (shift-click) and copy.

In the Photoshop file go to Windows--->Palettes--->Show Paths.

Paste, paste as paths. (both boxes appear!) Using top left west arrow in paths palette window, select the original Box rule (just visible close to the edge of the file window) and delete it twice! This will just leave the inner box (and this is the selected area for cropping).

Within Paths palette window, go to menu arrow to the right of paths & make selection.

Switch from paths to channels and to top working RGB etc. - selection will show as marching ants. Copy, make new file, name it, paste and there is just the area you selected for cropping.

The difficult bit is in the cropping of the Illustrator (and for that matter the FreeHand) file. Unfortunately there is no global cutting procedure.

With all chosen layers 'on' and with box delineating chosen area visible, simply delete all extraneous lines / points outside the chosen area. This may entail selecting specific line points and cutting/splitting them.

This exercise should leave you with just the vector information required for the chosen area. The cropped TIFF can now be brought in to its chosen layer.

If your question or issue was not resolved, commmunicate by email with a technical specialist:

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