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FAQ - File Naming Conventions - MHM Windows Version

Windows Mountain High Maps - File Naming

Using the Windows 8.3 file naming convention, file names are presented in 999AAA3F.EXT format.

999AAA refers to map number and map view abbreviation such as 508GRE for Greece. The next character denotes resolution, "3" for 300dpi or "7" for 72dpi, and the last character designates content as listed below. The three-character extenstions are standard Windows extensions.

Letter abbreviations -

A Relief map colored to low-contrast elevation (JPEG)
B Grayscale land/ocean relief base map (JPEG)
C Coastlines mask (JPEG)
D Borders only mask (JPEG)
E Ocean and borders mask (JPEG)
F FreeHand vector outline map file (FH7)
G Graticules mask (JPEG)
H Highways mask (JPEG)
I Illustrator EPS, AI vector map files
J Cloud masks
K Ocean/Territories mask (JPEG)
L Location of cities mask (JPEG)
M Ocean (land/water) mask (JPEG)
N Names Photoshop paths files (JPEG)
P Political colored relief map (JPEG)
Q Secondary territory mask (JPEG)
R Rivers mask (JPEG)
S Shadow mask for all land (JPEG)
T Territory borders mask (JPEG)
U Features Photoshop paths files (JPEG)
V Vignette mask for all land (JPEG)
W Grayscale land relief only base map (TIFF)
X Shadow mask - main country (JPEG)
Y Relief map colored to high-contrast vegetation (JPEG)
Z Vignette mask - main country (JPEG)

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